Oh-so Random!

Just some random stuffs… I thought I can update as much as I can now, but I just can’t.. :-( As of right now, I just dragged myself to write something.. I’m sick as a dog..

Health: I’m thinking, maybe I’m just STRESSED!… But then, I’m starting to have general weakness, back pains, muscle aches in arms and legs, and a terrible headache.. I was like, Oh-CRAP!!! This couldn’t be SWINE FLU!!! Last week in work, I had H1N1 patient… 8O She was on droplet precaution… So I used a mask and a gown every time I went to her room.. and.. She just coughed right into my FACE.. 8O Oh NO! I should have worn a pair of goggles too.. :-( and then I realized.. I’m just over reacting with the flu… I don’t have sore throat, thank goodness.. and I’m not really coughing… :-) Maybe, I’m just stressed.. But duhhh.. It really freaked the whole crap outta me..

BLOG: Anywayz.. I’m thinking of converting this blog to a Health blog and just make a subdomain for my personal blog..But I’m not pretty sure with that.. Coz’ that would mean, I would manage another blog again.. So maintaining three blogs while working full-time might be overwhelming..

Online Shopping: I just purchased some stuffs from MODA Express, and I told myself, I’m not gonna shop online for some clothes.. :mad: Unless I really found it cute.. I received some oversized stuffs made with cheap materials.. I forgot, I shopped on an American online store…

Facebook: I am not enjoying Farmville.. lol.. Do my crops really need to die.. :mad: oh well.. maybe that is just farming thing…

Career: I passed all Nursing requirements here, but I’m still not sure about working as a Nurse.. lol.. for sure, I won’t be a bedside nurse for the rest of my life..

Money: A friend of mine borrowed some money… As soon as she received the transaction number and all instructions, I did not received a text from her.. And then I received an email stating that the money was already picked-up.. And I still didn’t receive any text from her.. Oh well.. How GRATEFUL!!!

Boyfie: He’s pretty passive and it pisses me off… :mad: Oh well.. He’s just like that.. Oh, I edited his pic.. lol.. and it looked so boring with him alone on it, so I added some stuffs to make the pic look really great.. HERE IT IS.. :-)

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  1. gretch
    gretch October 15, 2009 at 3:40 am | | Reply

    get well soon sis . :3
    whaa sometimes being a nurse is scary T_T

    if i were you i’d rather not make another blog.
    three blogs will require a lot of time and mentainance.:3
    whatever, you have my support though ;) XD

    aww sweet pic :)

  2. Mhaye
    Mhaye October 14, 2009 at 12:21 pm | | Reply

    waaah. may h1n1 pa rin pala? kala ko nawala na yan. hmmp.
    naku im enjoying farmville noh. or maybe.. uhm well. hahaha.
    naku po. sino pinahiram mo ng pera? online friend?

  3. Jhoice
    Jhoice October 12, 2009 at 6:48 pm | | Reply

    Ooh sis.. I hope u’re okay.
    i am kinda scared about h1n1 virus too,
    and actually a bit paranoid , just like the same thing u feel.
    Nyweis sis, I think it’ll be a good idea it u’d make it
    a health blog, YAYS:D
    And u can always make another blog for ur personal update:D

    Lols, haven’t tried farmville yet,
    But I will soon :D

    i thought it’s FUN

  4. Gel
    Gel October 12, 2009 at 10:59 am | | Reply

    Ayos sa edit ah, you’re obviously on his mind ;) Haha. As for the FB app, ndi naman ako makarelate kasi ndi ako naglalaro nun haha. Good luck sa plans mo sa blog but I do hope you get well soon though. Hirap magfunction pag may sakit e :s

  5. beng
    beng October 12, 2009 at 5:04 am | | Reply

    awts, i hope na hindi ka nahawa dun sa patient mo ng H1N1, i-rest mo yan sis baka nga stressed ka masyado dyan. :)

    wow, health blog? that’s a nice idea, pero mas ok kung connected din yung domain name sa health blog mo sis. suggestion lang naman. hehe.. pero ok din yan noh, kasi madami mga adverts naghahanap ng health blog. :) goodluck ha. :)

    asar naman yung friend mo, sana naman nag thank you man lang siya, uber dali siya pagcontact sayo, pero after makuha ang money hindi na nagparamdam. hmp.. bad. tsk tsk..

    cute pic ha, :)

  6. kathrinx™
    kathrinx™ October 12, 2009 at 4:55 am | | Reply

    hankyut ng edited pic ni boyfie and u..hehe.. good thing hindi ka nahawa sa patient mo sis.. u need to have strong immune system talaga sa work mo na yan.. kipsafe<3

  7. krisel
    krisel October 12, 2009 at 1:24 am | | Reply

    am glad sis at hindi ka nahawa sa patient mo.. kahit sino naman siguro mapaparanoid kapag naramdaman yong mga symptoms na ‘yon di ba? buti na lang talaga false alarm lang..hehehe

    that’s why i really hate shopping online ng mga clothes kasi sa pics lang maganda eh saka hindi mo talaga makikita kung tama yong fitting sa’yo.

    same here sis, napapabayaan ko na rin ang hacienda ko sa farmville at farmtown, nakakatamad na rin kasi eh mag harvest at magtanim eh. pag talagang bored na bored lang ako dun ko lang sya nilalaro.

    wow ah! grabe naman friend mo sis, wala man lang pasabi or ty nung natangap na yong money. kinontak mo na ba sya?

    hahaha! cute ng pagkakaedit mo ng pic ni boyfie mo sis! love it.. so distance relationship pala kayo ni boyfie sis?

    take care sis! mwahh! :)

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    MIMING October 11, 2009 at 4:13 pm | | Reply

    awww.. naku sis..sana naman di ka nahawa..waaa.. be extra careful talaga next time…O.o ang hirap talaga ng buhay na nurse nuh? we should take the risk talaga.O.o

    take care sis!
    xoxo, MIMING

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