Gallery plugin – Photoswipe Masonry Gallery


Now I’m trying to get my feet back in the blogging world. The “Wedding Process” was kind of unexpectedly stressful. Everyone said “ENJOY THE PREPARATION STAGE!” Man… Both me and my husband couldn’t wait for the very first day after the wedding. Anyways… the whole prep time was 6 months, including paper works. With me being a US Citizen and him a Filipino Citizen, it just add up with the work… and we had the wedding in the Philippines, but both of us were out of of the country – me in US, him in Germany.. Right.. everyone was confused too. I’m just glad it’s all over… though I’m not done sorting out pictures yet. But I’ll be posting some of my FAVORITE shots of our wedding using this super awesome Gallery Plugin. I searched and tried other apps, but this one just works like a charm. It’s called Photoswipe Masonry Gallery. Check it out!

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